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Members’ monthly meetings are held at the Parkview Community Centre, Blackmore Crescent, Sheerwater, GU21 5NZ (click for directions) at 2.30pm on the second Monday of the month.  

The charge for attending these meetings is £1.00. After the meeting, join us for tea or coffee - your chance to meet and make friends and speak to Committee Members.

Dates for Executive Committee, and Group Leader's meetings can be found on the Who's Who tab.

Date Speaker Title Subject
11 Sept Janet Diamond Experiencing Egypt – Three Years in Cairo

Janet lived in Cairo in the early 1980’s and her talk gives an insight into living there – dealing with shortages, breakdowns and restrictions and the assassination of the president. She will include some Egyptology: a little about the Great Pyramid at Giza, and the ancient Royal Necropolis of Saqqara, an unusual tour of the Valley of the Kings and her tour of the oldest boat in the World.

9 Oct A Watts Gallery Guide Watts Gallery and it’s Restoration A brief background to G F Watts, the artist, the story of the Watts Gallery and the £11m restoration project undertaken from 2008 – 11.
13 Nov  AGM at 2.00pm followed by  
  Linda Calvete Just 4 Strings A light-hearted and informative look at the history of the ukulele, followed by a performance from the Woking Area U3A Ukulele Group with songs for everyone.
11 Dec Neville Lyons The Joe Lyons Story: Food for Thought The Lyons Teashops, The Corner Houses and the Nippy waitresses have become part of social history. This is only part of the story. We will hear how Joseph Lyons, who had no previous experience of the catering industry, went on to create the first food empire in the world, with many amusing ancedotes and surprises along the way.

8 Jan

Changed 3rd January

Bobbie Derbyshire Where Do Novelists Get Their Ideas From

Bobbie will reveal how this happens ,from initial spark to realisation on the page. Bobbie has written three novels

Love, Revenge & Buttered Scones, Truth Games and Oz. She won the 2008 fiction prize  at the National Academy of Writing and the New Delta Review Creative Nonfiction Prize in 2010

12 Feb Phil Griffiths Stories of the English Coinage The story of coinage from the earliest coins in Greece three thousand years ago, through the first coins to circulate in Britain over two thousand years ago, through Roman and Medieval periods to decimalisation and the present day  – with a glimpse into the future.  Phil will demonstrate how the design of coins is influenced by the technology, politics, religion, language, art and culture of their times.
12 Mar  Mel Rees My family and other Meerkats Mel has written five books.   Four are humorous and are described as a cross between Grumpy Old Men meets Victor Meldrew.  One of these was WH Smith’s Book of the Month. These were all written under the pseudonym of Anthony Mann. He has also written The Club – An Everyday Story of a Trainspotter under his own name and this became the Sunday Express Book of the Week.
9April  Professor Julian Evans A Wood of Our Own Thirty years ago our speaker bought a woodland, and he recounts with humour the ups and downs of managing it, including selling timber, caring for wildlife and even the hassles of fly-tipping.
14 May  Geoff Hawkins From Thirty Acres to Thirty Square Yards After retiring as Head Gardener at Froyle Court, Geoff has had to adjust to a small town garden.  He will talk about the problems he encountered and how he solved them, from the design process to the plant selection.  He will even tell us what did not work and how he also took on an allotment during the making of his new garden.
11 June Peter Reese The Flying Cowboy Samuel Franklin Cody was Britain’s first airman, and he flew from Farnborough. He was  also a Wild West showman and an aerial photographer.   A remarkable character who died in the way he would have wanted, whilst flying, which he loved.