This page gives an outline of the activities available to members of the Woking Area u3a.

Full details of Group Leaders and dates for activities are available to members by clicking here.
You will need your password  (which is on your renewal/joining documents).

The activities are grouped into similar interests. Please click on the are you wish to examine.




ART – CREATIVE ART WORKSHOP When: Wednesday am (2nd&4th in month) Where: Goldsworth Park Contact: A friendly, relaxed group with led sessions giving guidance and opportunities to explore different mediums, themes and styles. All abilities welcome.

ART – MAINLY LANDSCAPES When: Monday pm (bi-monthly) Where: Goldsworth Park Contact: Landscape painting in various media, from ink and wash to watercolour. All skill levels experiment with land, sea, sky, trees, buildings, water, close-up and distant. Guidance given in a friendly atmosphere in which to learn, advance and enjoy.

ART – PAINTING 2 When: Tuesday pm (fortnightly) Where: Pyrford Contact: Open to all levels of ability to more advanced. Watercolour is the norm but the use of other media is encouraged. This is a self help group. No formal tuition is offered.

ART – PAINTING FOR PLEASURE When: Monday am (fortnightly) Where: Goldsworth Park Contact: Small, friendly group of painters, mainly using watercolour. Subjects are suggested but members are free to paint what they like.

ART APPRECIATION When: Tuesday pm (3rd in month) Where: Pyrford Contact: This is a group for those who appreciate art in all its forms. It is run by coordinators and usually members supply the content – a PowerPoint presentation of up to one hour. Presentations can be on any art topic such as an artist, a painting, a sculpture or a theme and presented by an individual or several members jointly. We have our own dedicated website giving a vast resource of arts related material. New members welcome.

BEADING GROUPS A & B When: Monday am/pm (fortnightly) Where: Private Venue Contact: All aspects of beading, from restringing old pearls and necklaces to new creations from the many beads available. Those wishing for excitement can experiment with bead embroidery, wrapping, Kumihimo braids, weaving, wire-work etc. Information on sources of materials will be available.

CALLIGRAPHY When: Wednesday am (fortnightly) Where: Woodham Contact: This friendly group will encourage and help members to master different scripts, starting with the basic Foundational Hand. This should enable them to use their creative skills to enhance diverse projects, such as special event invitations and announcements, menu and place cards, certificates, family trees, labels, cards, etc

CHAINMAILLE When: Tuesday am (4th in month) Where: Private Venue Contact: This friendly, encouraging group meets monthly to make jewellery using the art of chainmaille. Projects are suggested, but members are encouraged to bring their own. Instruction given as required.

CRAFT When: Thursday am (3rd in month) Where: Sheerwater Contact: A friendly, informal group, suitable for all abilities. The main emphasis is to learn and share techniques, to bring ideas to the group, to make cards, and try out new crafts and make gifts. During each session a project will be available for all to join in.

DRESSMAKING When: Thursday am (1st in month) Where: Goldsworth Park Contact: The aim of this group is for those interested in brushing up existing skills, learning new techniques, including modern fabrics and techniques where appropriate and making the most of their equipment. We aim to share knowledge and tips and to have fun. Group members bring in whatever project they are working on and/or need help with.

FLOWER ARRANGING When: Friday pm (1st in month) Where: Sheerwater Contact: This group will pool together their own ideas and learn the basics of flower arranging. The group will be informal and learn various styles of arrangements. New members will be warmly welcomed.

KNIT AND NATTER When: Thursday am (4th in month) Where: Sheerwater Contact: A sociable self help group, where you can bring along your knitting, crochet or any other craft that you enjoy. Share your knowledge, learn a new skill, make items for charities, or just dig out those bags of knitting, crochet or craft you have been meaning to finish. Plus, have a cup of tea and a natter with friends both old and new.

LACE CIRCLE When: Monday pm (fortnightly) Where: Private Venue Contact: This is a self-support group mainly for those with some knowledge and experience of Bobbin Lace. We can provide support rather than tutoring. Complete beginners are welcome, but should contact to discuss equipment.

NEEDLEWORK When: Tuesday am (2nd in month) Where: Horsell Contact: In this small friendly group, members are free to work on their own projects in a variety of embroidery or tapestry stitches. Help is available if needed for techniques and problems.

PATCHWORK & QUILTING When: Friday am (1st in month) Where: Goldsworth Park Contact: A friendly and informal group for those who love to do patchwork and quilting. Some of us are beginners and some of us are more experienced; some sew by machine, some sew by hand – all are welcome. If you are a beginner there will be an opportunity to learn the basics and sew simple blocks to make a quilt. We enjoy sharing our knowledge, techniques, and ideas.

SHED When: Monday pm (last in month) Where: Horsell Contact: For all model makers/model collectors, bring along your latest projects, plans, ideas for discussion, sharing techniques, ideas, inspiration, or just a chat, aircraft, trains, cars, boats, dioramas, dolls-houses, etc, anything from the miniature world.

SILVERWORK GROUPS A & B When: Thursday am/pm (weekly) Where: Private Venue Contact: Two workshop groups for jewellery and silverwork, including non-precious metals. Open every week during term time with a workshop charge of £7.00 a week to cover basic materials. Beginners welcome: 5 week introductory course. All tools are available, and help in ordering metals and stones. No restorations or repairs please!


CLIMATE CHANGE When: Thursday pm (3rd in month) Where: St Johns Contact: Have you ever wondered what you could do to reduce your carbon footprint? Does the daily drip of information about international conferences and policies on climate change confuse you? Then help is at hand. The members of the Climate Change group have been looking at these issues with an emphasis on what we can do individually. We have looked at aviation fuel, heavy industry, plastic recycling, how the electricity generation industry might cope with generating enough energy for electric car charging and at the impact of what we eat on emissions. We have also learnt how to cut emissions at home with an in-depth look at air source heat pumps. Do join us if this is of interest to you.

CURRENT AFFAIRS When: Thursday pm (3rd in month) Where: Goldsworth Park Contact: Current Affairs is a friendly and informal group. Group members are encouraged to discuss and analyse current local , national and international news reports . We hope topics discussed will challenge our thinking and encourage debate.

NEWS & VIEWS   FULL When: Tuesday pm (3rd in month) Where: Horsell Contact: Members discuss and analyse current news reports with the objective of separating opinion, misleading reportage, and “fake news” from evidence-based fact. An informal and friendly group where respect for all shades of opinion is encouraged.



When: Various am/pm (ad hoc) Where: Various Contact: We are looking for members who are willing to try some new indoor and outdoor sports be it sailing, orienteering, indoor climbing etc. We hope new members will introduce us to their favourite exciting activity or help us organise events. We aim to meet about 6 times per year. Let us hear your ideas.

BADMINTON When: Tuesday pm (weekly) Where: Mayford Contact: This group is for those who want to play badminton in a social setting. Membership is restricted to a maximum of 20. Between games members may play table tennis in a separate room. There is a height restriction which may not appeal to some experienced players. Members should bring their own racquets but the club provides the shuttlecocks paid for from the sale of coffees and teas each session.

GOLF When: Thursday am/pm (2nd&4th in month) Where: Various Contact: Previous experience and ability to get round a course and avoid slow play is required, as is email for venue notification. We try to play easier, inexpensive courses within reasonable reach of Woking. We play on the second and fourth Thursday of each month – time of year and weather permitting.

LINE DANCING MONDAY GROUPS 1 & 2 When: Monday pm (weekly) Where: Knaphill Contact: Group 1 is at Beginner level (not absolute beginners) and group 2 is at Easy Improver level.

LINE DANCING TUESDAY GROUP When: Tuesday pm (weekly) Where: Knaphill Contact: Improver/Intermediate level. Note that the second hour is for those of the group who wish to learn/practise dances that they encounter at socials and weekends, mainly country.

LINE DANCING FRIDAY GROUPS 1 & 2 When: Friday am (weekly) Where: Kingfield Contact: Group 1 is at High Improver/Low Intermediate level and Group 2 is at Improver/Intermediate level. The second hour for Group 2 is for social dancers.

MOVEMENT AND EXERCISE TO MUSIC When: Tuesday pm (weekly) Where: Kingfield Contact: Sessions will start with a warm up followed by a light aerobic session which will accommodate different fitness levels. We then go into a stretching, deportment, posture and balance routine and end in floor exercises and relaxation. All exercises are performed to music. These exercises are structured to work all muscle groups but participants are encouraged to be selective as to which exercises they do if they have certain muscle or physical problems. There are always alternatives.

PICKLEBALL When: Monday am (Weekly) Where: Kingfield Pickleball is a game using a ‘paddle’ slightly larger than a table tennis bat on a badminton sized court with a lower net and a light plastic ball. The play is similar to short tennis but it is less damaging to the joints! It has become very popular among u3a groups as a way to keep people mobile. This group would welcome anyone to come to try it out.

RADIO SAILING When: Various am/pm (various) Where: Goldsworth Park Contact: Fancy having a go at sailing without getting your feet wet? Radio sailing is the sailing of model yachts (about 1 metre long) using a controller to move the sails and rudder. It teaches you the points of sailing and some people like to race around a preset course. We have club boats for u3a members to use. We also allow people to sail electric craft (not fast electric) and some members have classic tugs that are based on real boats.


When: Thursday am (3rd in month) Where: Various Contact: Rambling group for members willing to lead walks of about 8-10 miles normally within an hour’s drive of Woking. There is a lunch break at a pub or café with a picnic option for those who prefer.

SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING When: Tuesday pm (2nd&4th in month) Where: Horsell Contact: Join the Scottish Country Dancing group – a friendly way of keeping fit and having fun! Our tutor has been teaching for many years. Some instruction in basic steps and formation is given. All the dances are explained and walked through. Beginners are welcome.


When: Wednesday am (2nd in month) Where: Bisley Contact: In conjunction with the National Small Bore Rifle Association, we can again offer shooting at The Lord Roberts Centre, Bisley. We expect air rifle and .22 live rim fire disciplines to be offered at each 90 minutes session. These sessions are run by fully qualified coaches and include a full safety briefing and all necessary equipment. The cost of each session will be £35, payable in advance. Please email for full details. New members welcome.

TABLE TENNIS When: Monday pm (weekly) Where: Sheerwater Contact: Whether you’re an experienced player or an absolute beginner, you’ll find a warm welcome in this group. So come and enjoy playing table tennis with us.

WALKING GROUP When: Tuesday am (2nd in month) Where: Various Contact: All walks start at a meeting point which will be advised by the Group Leader. The distance of walks is about four to six miles taking two to three hours. Walking shoes/boots are essential and waterproofs if necessary. All group members are encouraged to lead a walk during the year. Please use email as primary contact.


BRIDGE – BEGINNERS When: Wednesday am (fortnightly) Where: Sutton Green Contact: Bridge lessons for those who have little or no knowledge of how to play the game, although knowledge of trick-winning card games such as whist is always helpful. Students will be taught how to bid and the rudiments of playing the cards so that they can play socially between lessons in order to practise and build up experience.

BRIDGE – KITCHEN BRIDGE When: Thursday am (fortnightly) Where: Goldsworth Park Contact: The intention of this group is to provide the opportunity for players who have completed the “Bridge Beginners” course, or have a grasp of the fundamentals of Rubber Bridge, to practise playing in an informal and relaxed environment. The primary objectives of members joining the group will be (i) enjoyment and (ii) a desire to improve their playing skills.


When: Thursday pm (2nd&4th in month) Where: Byfleet Contact: Canasta is a popular card game played throughout the world. This group will meet twice monthly and is open to players with varying knowledge of the game. Coaching will be given for beginners.

CHESS – BEGINNERS AND IMPROVERS When: Wednesday am (fortnightly) Where: Goldsworth Park Contact: Some people say Chess is a game for academics, but that is certainly not the case. Anyone can play! Our group members are light-hearted and sociable. So whether you are a complete beginner or an improver come and enjoy a game of Chess with them to exercise (as Hercule Poirot says) “the little grey cells”. Looking forward to giving a warm welcome to any new members.

CRIBBAGE When: Wednesday pm (fortnightly) Where: Goldsworth Park Contact: Cribbage (Crib) is a card game for 2, 3 or 4 players; traditionally the score is kept on a ‘Crib board’. Cribbage is great fun and is not tricky to learn. Players make suits, or runs, or pairs, and cards that total 15 from a hand as well as ‘peg’ to totals of 31. This sociable group meets fortnightly; we welcome new members, both beginners and more experienced players, with the aim of having fun.

MAHJONG When: Wednesday pm (fortnightly) Where: Goldsworth Park Contact: We are a friendly group and welcome beginners as well as those who have played Mahjong before. The basic game is easy to learn and there is always the opportunity to explore additional hands.

MAHJONG – AN INTRODUCTION When: Wednesday pm (fortnightly) Where: Goldsworth Park Contact: A new class for beginners and people who are familiar with the game.

SCRABBLE When: Tuesday pm (fortnightly) Where: Chobham Contact: Our scrabble group meets in the Chobham Parish Pavilion and we appreciate being able to park right outside the building. We play for enjoyment and to keep our wits sharp. We are a sociable and friendly group and welcome beginners and also others who are more experienced. You are welcome to come and enjoy the fun.


BIRDWATCHING When: Tuesday am (1st in month) Where: Outing/Zoom Contact: The group consists of both experienced birders and beginners, with the more experienced members being encouraged to help the beginners. There will be a mixture of talks (dates asterixed) and walks (own transport and a basic level of fitness required). Most walks will be within one hour’s drive from Woking. Members should bring their own binoculars, scopes if they have them! Group size is limited to around 25 – 30. Spaces are limited but do become available. Please contact if interested.

GARDEN CENTRE SOCIAL When: Monday am/pm (3rd in month) Where: Various Contact: This social group will be held each month at one of the Garden Centres in and around Woking. It’s a chance to meet up with other Woking Area u3a members and have a chat and a tea/coffee and perhaps a cake (note you will need to pay for yourself). There is no other fee to pay for this group since we are not renting halls. We are going to limit the attendance to 20 people so we can book tables in advance and know that we will have space available. If you would like to join this group then please e-mail and we will send out booking information about two weeks before we meet each month.

LIP READING When: Friday am (weekly) Where: Zoom Contact: For those with mild or moderate hearing loss to learn and practise the skill of lip reading. If you are a complete beginner you will learn the basic principles. If you already lip-read you will brush up and extend your skills. If you want to make more rapid progress you can receive computer-based practice material.

MEMBERS ON THEIR OWN (MOTO) When: Various am/pm (ad hoc) Where: Various Contact: A friendship group for those u3a members who have no live-in partner or whose partners are so incapacitated that they are unable to socialise. We arrange social activities and outings throughout the year. It is essential that you have access to the internet as members are invited to each event by email.

PILATES When: Friday pm (weekly) Where: Sheerwater Contact: This group covers a variety of Pilates exercises, including standing exercises, mat work, light weights, bands and concludes with relaxation.

RELAXATION AND MEDITATION When: Wednesday pm (weekly) Where: Private Venue Contact: This is a friendly group where we practise various relaxation and meditation techniques, including Mindfulness.

TAI CHI When: Wednesday am (weekly) Where: Brookwood Contact: The group will continue to learn Tai Chi Yang Style Long Form. We will also practise Qui-gong exercises. Comfortable clothes and soft flat shoes are advisable. Also bring water to drink.

TRAVEL EXPERIENCE When: Friday pm (2nd in month) Where: Goldsworth Park Contact: The Travel Experience will look at many aspects of travel with presentations and discussions about specific countries, ways of travelling, documentation, personal stories and much more. Presentations can be made on request but we will be guided by the group as to the content. Do you want to share your travel experiences or listen to those of others? We will be working in a participative way and will encourage members to contribute by talking about their own journeys.

YOGA When: Thursday am (weekly) Where: Pyrford Contact: Do you want to improve your wellbeing by increasing your flexibility, strengthening your muscles and working on your balance whilst achieving a sense of calm and mindfulness? If this sounds perfect to you, then join our Yoga group covering sitting, standing and floor exercises. Both experienced Yogis and beginners are very welcome.

CHAIR YOGA When: Friday am (Weekly) Where: Goldsworth Park Contact: Are you interested in or already enjoy yoga but would prefer a very gentle approach with no getting up and down from the floor? The group leader trained with The British Wheel of Yoga and has been teaching amongst other things, yogic breathing techniques, gentle adapted yoga postures, relaxation, preparation towards meditation and a little yoga philosophy. The group leader has also taught for stroke associations and medical practices.


AVIATION AND MILITARY HISTORY When: Tuesday pm (1st in month) Where: Pyrford Contact: Talks about Military History, usually 2 talks per meeting.

CHURCH HISTORY AND THEOLOGY When: Tuesday am (1st in month) Where: Goldsworth Park Contact: Open to people of all faiths or none. We cover a wide range of topics from pre-Christian and Christian history: New Testament issues; the beginnings of the church; church design; key figures, developments and documents in church history; the Reformation; and contemporary issues. Members’ contributions are welcome. We have informal, relaxed meetings and no particular line is followed or favoured.

FAMILY HISTORY When: Wednesday pm (2nd in month) Where: Sheerwater Contact: This group is for enthusiastic family historians who are researching their own family and associated social history both online and via local and national archives. Members should be willing to contribute knowledge, stories and breakthroughs with the group.

GENEALOGY When: Wednesday pm (2nd in month) Where: Goldsworth Park Contact: Our group is for enthusiastic genealogists actively researching their own family history, and associated social history, both online or through local, national and international archives. Our meetings are a mix of talks by guest speakers, the group leader and group members plus discussions where we share our knowledge, stories, methodology and discoveries.

GENEALOGY BEGINNERS When: Wednesday pm (1st in month) Where: Sheerwater Contact: A group for complete beginners and those who have recently started to explore their family history. THE GROUP WILL RUN FOR ONE YEAR ONLY. Main areas of research explained using Civil Registration, Census Returns and Parish Records, both online and from Record Offices. Help given to refine and record research. Plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

NAVAL HISTORY When: Friday pm (2nd in month) Where: Chobham Contact: This group is for those interested in dramatic events of worldwide naval history, mainly during the period from 17th century “Ships-of-the-line” to the nuclear age. Group members volunteer to give talks on to reflect their own interests on naval topics covering events, personalities, naval life, ship design and technologies alongside the wider political role of navies.


FRENCH – LET’S TALK When: Wednesday am (1st&3rd in month) Where: Goldsworth Park Contact: Friendly group for people with varying levels of spoken French, who want to talk in an informal environment. All self help with no instruction except by those whose French is of a higher standard. A topic is set in advance so that attendees can prepare.

FRENCH CONVERSATION When: Thursday am (bi-monthly) Where: Goldsworth Park Contact: This is a friendly group of people who have a reasonable knowledge of French, enjoy speaking the language and want to improve. Everyone has a chance to speak and general discussion is encouraged!

GERMAN CONVERSATION When: Tuesday pm (weekly) Where: Zoom Contact: A reasonable fluency in German is needed, with the ability to contribute in general conversation. The group meets weekly.

GREEK ANCIENT When: Friday pm (fortnightly) Where: Private Venue/Zoom Contact: This group is for members who have studied some Ancient Greek previously (to any level). We will aim to improve our understanding of the language and read adapted and original texts in different genres of the literature – poetry, drama and history. We will also explore other aspects of Ancient Greek culture. New members welcome.

GREEK MODERN When: Friday pm (fortnightly) Where: Private Venue/Zoom Contact: A group for those who already know some Modern Greek or are prepared to catch up. We use online videos, do exercises to improve our grammar and vocabulary and explore modern Greek culture.

ITALIAN CONVERSATION When: Wednesday pm (fortnightly) Where: Goldsworth Park Contact: This group is intended for people who already have a good knowledge of the language and offers them the opportunity to practise and further improve their Italian, in a friendly and lively atmosphere.

ITALIAN ELEMENTARY When: Friday am (fortnightly) Where: Private Venue Contact: A group for people with a very basic grasp of the language. Anyone who already knows a little Italian and wants to build on it is welcome. The group will progress slowly according to members’ needs.

LATIN BEGINNERS When: Wednesday am (fortnightly) Where: Private Venue Contact: This group welcomes those who have never done any Latin before – or maybe not for a long time. With the help of the Cambridge basic Latin grammar we will translate simple stories. We will also study word derivations, links with modern European languages and some aspects of cultural and historical background.

LATIN INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED When: Wednesday am (fortnightly) Where: Private Venue Contact: This group is intended for those who have reached a very good proficiency in Latin (post GCSE/O Level standard preferred). We read and discuss a variety of both prose and verse Latin, including both Classical and Medieval texts and revise grammar points as they arise, leading to translation exercises and prose (English to Latin). We also study Roman inscriptions, Latin sayings, mottoes and solve Latin language puzzles, including crosswords and Latin Wordle.

LATIN TRANSITION When: Wednesday am (fortnightly) Where: Private Venue Contact: This group will be making the transition from ‘text book’ Latin to original Latin, reading passages of both prose and poetry, from a selection of Roman authors. We will also continue to study word derivations, links with modern European languages and some aspects of cultural and historical background.

SPANISH CONVERSATION When: Tue/Thurs am (2nd Tues/4th Thur) Where: Zoom Contact: This is a small group for those who read and write Spanish to at least intermediate level, but who want to gain more confidence in general Spanish conversation on a variety of subjects, in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. All self-help with no instruction except by those whose Spanish is of a higher standard. A topic will be set in advance. New members welcome.


POETRY APPRECIATION When: Wednesday pm (3rd in month) Where: Chobham Contact: This group will take a poet or a theme each month to enjoy and expand upon. Each member will be encouraged to contribute and work together to produce sessions throughout the year.

POETRY FOR PLEASURE When: Tuesday am (1st in month) Where: Goldsworth Park Contact: Our friendly members enjoy a relaxing morning reading poetry and sometimes a little prose. We agree a theme and bring along our contributions to share with each other. Sometimes we are treated to an original poem written by one of our group.

NOVEL When: Wednesday pm (3rd in month) Where: Goldsworth Park Contact: Friendly informal group. Books (mainly but not exclusively novels) are selected and one is presented by a member of the group with an assistant. We keep a list of those suggestions made by members of the group and from these we choose our books for the term and carry forward others for later selection. At the sessions, after a brief presentation, there is general discussion. We then split into small groups (normally around 6 people in each) to discuss questions provided by the presenter. There is a final plenary session with reports from each small group. Our June meeting is for recommendations to members for reading during the summer.

SHAKESPEARE’S COMEDIES When: Wednesday am (monthly) Where: Private Venue Contact: This is a small discussion group meeting once a month to discuss Shakespeare’s Comedies including what is special about them, their main themes and characteristics and why they remain popular. We shall also look at Shakespeare’s use of comedy in his tragedies and use of tragedy in his comedies. DVDs of the plays would be shown to assist our discussion. Members should try to find the time to read or re-read the play to be discussed before the meeting.

THEATRE When: Various am/pm (ad hoc) Where: Various Contact: Group bookings are being arranged for a variety of plays, musical and dance shows mostly at Woking’s New Victoria Theatre and we are planning to return to London theatre shows as well. An email sent to me will include you on the regular newsletter and theatre booking updates.

WRITING FOR FUN When: Friday am (fortnightly) Where: Private Venue Contact: You don’t need to be Dickens or Jane Austen to join this group. Just come along and enjoy yourself


HOOTENANNY When: Monday pm (fortnightly) Where: Horsell Contact: A small group of amateur musicians who get together to enjoy learning, rehearsing and playing acoustic numbers primarily from the folk, bluegrass, and country genres. The ability to sight-read is not a prerequisite, but group members are expected to be fairly proficient on their chosen instruments. We also play at the occasional acoustic “Open Mic Night” under the banner of “Over the Hillbillies”.

JAZZ APPRECIATION When: Friday pm (fortnightly) Where: Pyrford Contact: We cover the entire jazz spectrum. So whether you’re a long-time aficionado or just enjoy good music there’ll be something for you. We’re an informal, friendly group and members can make presentations based on their particular area(s) of interest, or they can just sit back, relax, and enjoy all that jazz.

MUSIC APPRECIATION When: Thursday am (3rd in month) Where: Byfleet Contact: Although most of the music is classical, no prior musical knowledge is required, simply an open mind and willingness to give a fair hearing to sometimes unfamiliar music. Sometimes the concentration is on the work of a composer whilst at other times we review particular musical features from the work of various composers.

RECORDER ENSEMBLE When: Thursday am (weekly) Where: Sutton Green Contact: If you already play, if you have played in the past and would like to play again or if you have never played and would like to learn, then come along and enjoy making music. The Group Leader has recorders available for loan if you would like to try before you buy.

SINGING FOR FUN GROUPS A & B When: Monday (Group A) and Thursday (Group B) pm (weekly) Where: Goldsworth Park Contact: What better way to start the week than having a good sing. Joseph G Raposo wrote: “Don’t worry that it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear, just sing, sing a song”. These words encapsulate the spirit of our group. As we sing different songs each week (folk, country, musicals, 50’s, 60’s; the list is endless), you will always be entertained. Everyone can sing (some better than others) so, if you love singing but don’t want to join a choir, then we are the group for you.

UKULELE When: Friday pm (weekly) Where: Bisley Contact: This is a group for those who have some experience of playing the ukulele. We play a very wide range of music and the emphasis is on enjoying playing together and having fun. As Woking Ukulele Band we sometimes perform at local events.

UKULELE BEGINNERS (7 WEEK COURSE) When: Friday pm (weekly) Where: Bisley Contact: The Ukulele Group will be running a 7 week beginners course for first timers or for anyone who has very little experience of playing a Uke. After which, with a bit of practice, you will be able to join the main group.


COMPUTING FOR THE LESS TECH SAVVY When: various am/pm (various) Where: Various Contact: With technology so much a part of our lives, it can feel a bit bewildering, with Microsoft Windows based computers, Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones and iPads. This Group might be for you if you would like to understand more and make better use of your tech but are concerned about trying. We will be holding occasional meetings on a variety of topics in a face to face environment with others who feel just like you, talking about things like ways to avoid scammers and phishing.

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY (CAMERA CLUB) When: Wednesday am (2nd&4th in month) Where: Outing/Zoom Contact: Ownership of any type of camera is welcome but you must have access to a computer. The aim is to improve camera skills, composition and take better pictures. Members will be encouraged to experiment with different types of photography and to introduce topics for discussion and show their own photographs. Please use email as the primary contact.

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY When: Wednesday pm (1st in month) Where: Sheerwater Contact: In a friendly atmosphere, members share talks, experiences and presentations. We occasionally have outside speakers. Recent talks in 2022 / 23 include electric vehicles pros and cons; chemical hazards in the home; nuclear decommissioning; cables on the sea floor; portable bridges; astronomy update.