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10 January 2.30 pm

St Andrews Church

Brian Robertson

History of the British Army Ambulance trains: Brian was responsible for the British Army Ambulance Trains in the Rhineland during the Cold War from 1979 to 1994. They are now discontinued but Brian keeps their history alive.

14 February 2.30 pm

St Andrews Church

John Dickinson

The In-Laws. Joan the Fair Maid of Kent and her brother-in-law John Gaunt, their respective families and how they connect. A talk concentrating more on family relationships than on war and politics.

14 March 2.30 pm

St Andrews Church

Dr Helen Fry

Historian Dr Fry has written and edited more than 25 books, primarily on the Second World War and in particularly the bestseller The Walls Have Ears. Dr Fry is an ambassador for the Museum of Military Intelligence and President of the Friends of the National Archives

11 April 2.30 pm

St Andrews Church

David Allen Updated 24th February

The Life and Times of Agatha Christie by – a light-hearted but meticulously researched talk on the famous author 102 years after her first novel.

9 May 2.30 pm

St Andrews Church

 Len Taphouse [Updated 18th March]

He will tell of his time as an apprentice engineer at Harland & Wolff shipbuilding and repair yard in Woolwich – the hardships, highlights, and the dockland characters.

13 June 2.30 pm

St Andrews Church

Andy Thomas

Unexplained mysteries: Andy will be exploring some of the famous global mysteries and what links them. What is the truth about real-life X-Files, UFOs, ghosts, the Bermuda Triangle, religious apparitions and visions of the future?

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